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First time available in Digital Audio

A full dramatic reading in English of the unabridged Ramayana of Valmiki 

"The story of Rama, which touches on the delights of love and expounds on the fruits of Dharma, is rich with gems like the ocean and ravishes all hearts and ears." 


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HI/NEH Grant

he Ramayana is one of the greatest and most timeless epics in world literature. The heroic deeds of Rama have inspired generations of young and old. Now for the first time you can enjoy the unabridged Ramayana of Valmiki in this new digital audio series.Presentation Case If you love Vedic literature, you'll transcend on the inner silence and depth of this sublime knowledge. And if you love a great story, Rama's epic adventure has it all – love and devotion, good versus evil, the challenges of war, and the secrets of enlightened life.  The value of listening to this epic tale has been lauded by sages throughout the centuries. Now you can listen anytime to Rama's breaking of mighty

Shiva's bow, Hanuman's great leap across the ocean, and many other inspiring stories contained only in this unabridged version. The translation iPod chosen for this recording, by renowned Indian journalist N. Raghunathan, captures the power and richness of Valmiki's original. Leading professional actors and storytellers are the voices on this recording, featuring Richard Ross, Stephen White, and Michael Sternfeld on Volumes I, II, & III, respectively. Volume I of this 3-volume set contains the first two books of Ramayana: Bala Kanda & Ayodhya Kanda. Volume II continues the epic tale with the next three books: Aranya Kanda, Kishkindha Kanda, and Sundara Kanda. Volume III brings the Ramayana to its thrilling conclusion with the final two books: Yuddha Kanda and Uttara Kanda.


Winner 2004 Project of the Year NEH Humanities Iowa



One DVD with MP3 Data Files - the "No Frills" Version
Our newest format, which contains 75 hours of high fidelity compressed audio files on just one DVD. Includes the official Ramayana Audio e-booklet, which guides the listener through the entire program.              Regular price - $299.00


Six MP3 CDs - Digitally Remastered - Beautifully Packaged
For portable listening on your MP3-Capable CD player, choose this 6-CD version. Beautifully packaged in a custom gold binder with annotated guide to the contents of each CD.                                                                         Regular price - $299.00

Ram's Dharma

New Product
All Love Flows to the Self: Eternal Stories From the Upanishads

Three audio CDs. Culture your own enlightenment through sacred story. The Upanishads are some of the most beloved stories from the vast literature of India's Vedic tradition. Adapted from the original texts, these 12 tales tell the story of enlightenment in poetic language that appeals to both adults and children. The timeless and universal wisdom expressed in these stories reminds us of the natural flow of life towards its supreme goal. Music by Grammy Award-winning flute maestro Steve Gorn. Special introductory price is $30.00

Ram's Dharma

New Product
Ram's Dharma: Leadership Secrets From the Ultimate Warrior~Sage~Prince

A new 2-CD audio book exploring the profound principles of ideal leadership from the Ramayana. Features excerpts from the original Ramayana audio production, combined with insightful commentary, inspiring you to live like one
of the greatest leaders the world has known. Special introductory price is $30.00


Produced & Directed by Michael Sternfeld of Vedic Audio Knowledge (VAK) with express permission of Vighneswara Publishing House, India, the exclusive copyright holders of Srimad Valmiki Ramayana, by N. Raghunathan

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