View from Heavenly Mountain, North Carolina

Volumes I & II of the Ramayana was recorded at
Heavenly Mountain Resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains
of North Carolina. This is the view from our recording
studio--a most serene environment for this auspicious

Michael Sternfeld (l.) and Stephen White (r.)
beaming during production of Volume II
in the recording studio.

Producer/Reader Michael Sternfeld and Volume III
Director, Scott Smith, celebrate the release, after seven
years in production, of the final volume of the audio

Did you know that Director/Writer/Producer George 

Lucas was inspired by The Ramayana when he created 

Star Wars?

This image and the one above are from "Our Most 

Excellent Hero's Quest - A Journey Through the
Ramayana and Star Wars with Side Trips into the Lord

of the Rings and Harry Potter," which is available for

purchase on DVD.