Eternal Stories from the Upanishads - 3 Audio CDs

Adapted from the book by Thomas Egenes, Linda Egenes & Kumuda Reddy
Audiobook produced by Michael Sternfeld

"...some of the most sacred words that have ever been issued from the human mind...The messages contained in these [Upanishads are] like some eternal source of light..." --Rabindranath Tagore

Culture Your Own Enlightenment in Twelve Sacred Stories

Timeless Wisdom, Volume One
3 Audio CDs

The Upanishads include some of the most beloved and illuminating stories from the vast literature of India's Vedic tradition. Adapted from the original text, these twelve tales tell the story of enlightenment in simple, poetic language that will appeal to both adults and children. The power and beauty of Vedic life unfolds in a variety of settings: a teacher and his student in a secluded forest ashram, a great seer meditating in a Himalayan retreat, and a proud king bowing to the wisdom of a poor, humble cart-driver.

The Upanishads express the full glory of the inner Self. When one has realized the self, everyone and everything becomes near and dear, and one flows in universal love. "All Love Flows to the Self"--this is the reality of the highest level of consciousness and the ultimate truth of life.

The timeless and universal wisdom expressed in these twelve stories reminds us of the natural flow of life towards its supreme goal.

Music by Grammy Award-winning flute maestro Steve Gorn

Featuring selected shlokas (verses) chanted in Sanskrit by traditional Vedic Pandit

ALL LOVE FLOWS TO THE SELF - 3 Audio CDs      $30             

Listen to a free sample of ALL LOVE FLOWS TO THE SELF

A dialogue between Yama and the young boy, Nachiketa from "Nachiketa Gains Immortality"-- Katha Upanishad

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Timeless Wisdom, Volume One
Ram's Dharma: Leadership Secrets From the Ultimate Warrior~Sage~Prince       2 Audio CDs with Booklet

Those who have taken the dive into the Ramayana know that at every step of Ram's epic quest, deeper and more profound layers of Dharma are continually unfolding. As we follow in Ram's footsteps, we integrate these more comprehensive and holistic values of Dharma into our lives. This new production distills this "Dharma-unfolding process" into a readily accessible format and delivers it to your doorstep.

You'll hear the most potent stories from the Ramayana--rare gems of knowledge that reveal the deepest truths of Dharma. For each selection, a clear leadership principle is given--along with commentary--to serve as a guide for integrating these themes into your daily life. By the end, these 25 essential principles of leadership will structure a whole new vision of enlightened leadership into every area of your life.

True leadership is not limited to great statesmen or CEOs, because all of us govern our own universe from the deepest level. Everyone's leadership potential in daily life can be cultivated by the inspiration of Ram's Dharma, expressed so beautifully in the epic Ramayana.

Ram's Dharma - 2 Audio CDs with Booklet      $30             

Listen to a free sample of Ram's Dharma

On the eve of his coronation, Ram learns of his exile to the forest. Listen to his balanced response after he informs his mother and brother of the dread news.

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"Enlightened" Audiotapes for Children (and for Adults, too!)

By Kumuda Reddy, M.D. Produced by Michael Sternfeld

If you love enchanting tales about the simple truths of life, you'll enjoy these new TIMELESS WISDOM AUDIOTAPES of stories from the Jataka and Panchatantra traditions of India. Each story contains "pearls of wisdom" to entertain and enlighten everyone. Featuring internationally-renowned storytellers.

"I love these stories. They are uplifting, energetic, and very
soulful. The music and the storytellers are full of life."

- Tom Egenes, Ph.D. Professor of Sanskrit

Timeless Wisdom, Volume One
Volume I - Magical and Enchanting
"Timeless StoriesTM" (2 cassettes)

A magical and enchanting selection of stories featuring award-winning storyteller Laura Simms, the "Queen of American Storytelling." The world music of the Real Myth Ensemble, featuring over 30 instruments, adds a rich universal flavor to these tales of timeless wisdom.

Audio Cassette Format – Running Time: 2 Hours – $16.95

Timeless Wisdom, Volume One
Volume II - Playful and 'Awe"-some
"Timeless StoriesTM" (2 cassettes)

These ancient tales meet their match with the playful humor and zaniness of award-winning storytellers Diane Ferlatte and Jeffrey Hedquist. The Real Myth Ensemble adds cultural diversity with musical styles ranging from African drumming through classical to pure funk.

Audio Cassette Format – Running Time: 2 Hours – $16.95

Myths from the West & East: Event Videos

"Enlightened" Videos for Children and Adults

Produced by the Fairfield Film Society, a non-profit educational organization

Hero's Quest
Our Most Excellent Hero's Quest: A Journey through the Ramayana & Star Wars with Side Trips into the Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter

An Educational Adventure Through the Great Heroic Quests of Ancient and Modern Times

This dynamic, multi-cultural, multi-media video draws young audiences into the world of mythic heroes, their quests, and how they are all related. In this highly interactive program, you’ll discover how Star Wars and the Ramayana are related, and how their themes re-appear in many other stories, including The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.
Hosted by Michael Sternfeld and Susan Andersen, Ph.D.
Suitable for All Ages – Ideal for Grades 3-7

DVD Format – 75 minutes – in two parts – $25

The Ramayana: A Living Tradition
The Ramayana: A Living Tradition

A Multi-Cultural Program Exploring The Power of Myth and the Great Epics of World Civilization

This multi-media program explores the ancient, 3,000-year-old epic and its relevance to world culture as a living tradition.  The Ramayana is revered as a sacred text to one billion people across the globe, especially throughout India and Southeast Asia.  It has had seminal impact on Western mythic traditions and popular culture, such as in the movie Star Wars.  Discover the Ramayana as a cultural wellspring whose values have had a historical and archetypal influence on world culture while remaining a vital, living tradition in the world today.

Presented by Eira Patnaik, Ph.D., Michael Sternfeld, MA, With special guest Wendy Stegall

The Program Features: Audio Clips  Lecture  Interactive Discussion  Live Performance of Kathak, Classical Indian Dance

VHS – Running Time: 90 minutes – $25

The live  productions were made possible, in part, by a major grant from Humanities Iowa, the state affiliate of  the National Endowment for the Humanities.Video productions of the events were made possible, in part, by a grant from the Iowa Arts Council.

NPR Broadcast – Radio Event

Available Free on CD with Orders of more than $199
Free CD


Joan Kjaer, host of the ever-popular NPR show “Know the Score”  interviews mythologists Michael Sternfeld and Susan Andersen in an epic adventure into the Odyssey and the Ramayana. In this cross-cultural perspective on myth, the mind, art and culture. Sternfeld and Andersen dive deep into the mythic themes of the Ramayana and the Odyssey, play audio clips from both of the epics and explore some of the subtleties of the structure of myth within our own consciousness.

One Hour

“Myths from the West and East” was made possible in part, by a major grant from Humanities Iowa, the state affilliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. 

Video productions of the events were
made possible by a grant from the Iowa Arts Council.

The views and opinions expressed by this project do not necessarily reflect
those of Humanities Iowa or the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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