Michael Sternfeld

Art and transformation inspired from the depths of consciousness has been Michael's life-long passion. His background spans the full range of life—from a producer of epic events…to subtler fields as a Vedic scholar…to the embodied, as a body-centered therapist.

He began his performing career as a professional dancer with modern companies in Chicago and New York, and then he continued in the entertainment field as a producer/director with over 400 productions in theater, music, dance, audio and video to his credit. During his stint as a producer for the David Lynch Foundation, he co-produced benefit events featuring Paul McCartney, Ringo, Eddie Vedder, Sheryl Crowe, Jerry Seinfeld, Moby, Ben Folds and the Beach Boys, as well as other productions with Jim Carrey, Marianne Williamson and Donovan.

He has maintained several parallel tracks in his career. Complementing his production endeavors has been a life-long interest in the field of consciousness. He earned an MA in Vedic Psychology from Maharishi International University, where he became fascinated with the Ramayana. Using his producer skills, he has created numerous productions of the great epic over the last 30 years, including theatrical productions, a theme park, and the first complete audio production of the unabridged Ramayana of Valmiki. At 75 hours long, this production is the world's longest audiobook.

Integrating knowledge in the body has also been a passion. Exploring the relationship between consciousness and the human body, Michael trained in various body-mind modalities developing his signature approach to Body-Centered Therapy, called Body Presence. Drawing upon his movement background, bodywork training, and psycho-spiritual knowledge, Body Presence has evolved into a grand synthesis, offering an embodied foundation for integrating spirit, emotions and body.

Currently, it is Michael’s joy to popularize ancient texts like the Ramayana in the West, making their values and depth more accessible to the masses. In addition to his productions, he lectures and teaches courses far and wide on the Ramayana. He also founded Vedic Audio Knowledge (VAK) to bring out more of these enlightened audio productions, including productions such as: Ram's Dharma: Leadership Secrets of the Ultimate Warrior~Sage~Prince and All Love Flows to the Self: Eternal Stories from the Upanishads. His latest audio production is a collaboration with Krishna Das called Hanuman’s Leap of Faith.

Michael loves deep silence -- counter-balanced with dynamic performing and producing. He has been practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) regularly for over 40 years and currently lives in Fairfield, Iowa.

The Readers

Volume I--Richard Ross

Richard Ross is an artist, singer, and actor whose work celebrates the revival of Vedic knowledge -- knowledge which, when applied to the arts, illumines the link between the higher states of consciousness and artistic fulfillment. For the past twenty five years he has been a member of Purusha, a group of single men dedicated to creating enlightenment for themselves and peace and prosperity for the world.

Volume II--Stephen White

Stephen White is a graduate of the Trinity Rep. Theatre Conservatory in Providence, Rhode Island, and the British American Acting Academy in London. He has worked as an actor, director, and stage combat fight choreographer with the Camden Shakespeare Co., the National Shakespeare Co., the Montana Shakespeare Co., Washington D.C.,’s Arena Stage, Seattle’s Group Theatre and many others, including three of his own theater companies in Fairfield, Iowa. Stephen, a long-time practitioner and teacher of Transcendental Meditation®, is originally from Los Angeles, where his father was a cameraman for Cecille B. DeMille and his uncles were pioneer film producers and directors in the “Golden Age” of Hollywood.

Volume III--Michael

After being the Director of Volumes I and II of this production, Michael switched to the other side of the microphone as the Reader on Volume III.