We all know the Ramayana as an epic story of profound richness and power -- comparable to the Bible, Star Wars, and Romeo & Juliet all rolled into one. From its ancient roots going back thousands of years, the Ramayana is still revered today by over a billion people worldwide as the most sacred of stories. More than just an ancient epic, the exploits of Ram, Sita & Hanuman continue to work their magic -- coming alive in our awareness, purifying our hearts and mind and inspiring us all to live at the most profound level of life.

Intrepid Ramayana explorer Michael Sternfeld, is offering this special 6-session course on the Ramayana to all lovers of Dharma.

This course was originally offered in collaboration with the NKB Ashram of Taos, New Mexico.

35% of the net proceeds from course registrations will benefit the Ashram.

Our intention for this course--to enliven the living presence of Ram in our hearts

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4 Principal Themes

"When I do not know who I am, I serve you. When I know who I am, I am you." -- Hanuman to Ram, Ramayana

Aligning Our Integrity & Core Values

Speaking truth. Compassion and forbearance. Insight and action. Power and peace. All these qualities of Ram and Sita are displayed throughout the Ramayana. By enlivening the stories of these qualities, we learn to align our core values with their exemplary characters. This grounding is the first stage of bringing Ram's presence into our hearts.

Deepening Our Mission & Service

Ram's journey is a cosmic journey of Dharma. Every step of the way, he is refining his Dharma, moving in the direction of establishing Wholeness of life. As we follow Ram's footsteps, we deepen and refine our own sense of Dharma, giving us the capacity to serve and bless the world. This is the second stage of bringing Ram's vision into our hearts.

Embodying Our Divine Presence

Ram and Sita are divine Beings who incarnated as human beings to purify the world. Fashioned from the same stuff, we are also deeply spiritual beings in human form. At this stage of our journey, the Ramayana helps guide us to discover and remember the intrinsic nature of our own divine Presence.

Becoming a Force of Nature

At the subtlest level, Ram and Sita embody the primordial opposites--Purusha and Prakriti, or silence and dynamism. Here we learn to embody these impulses at our own primordial level of consciousness. The full blossoming of Wholeness-- our own Totality-- becomes enlivened and integrated at this most fundamental level of the Ramayana.

Course Structure

• This course includes six ~90-minute sessions.

• Each course includes a 1-hour presentation by Michael, followed by a short Q & A session, and concludes with kirtan performances by a special guest to close the evening.

• Guest kirtan performers include Krishna Das, Nina Rao, Radha & Govinda, and Sai Ganesh Nagpal.

• You can take the course at your leisure. Access to the course archive page is for years to come.

• When you register for the course, you will also receive access to special promotional offers for other VAK products.

• We would like to support anyone who sincerely desires to partake of this course and is experiencing financial hardship. Please email [email protected] for info on a scholarship.

Course Facilitator

Michael Sternfeld, MA, is a lover of all things Ramayana. He is an independent scholar and also a producer/director with over 400 productions in theater, music, dance, audio and video to his credit. He earned his MA in Vedic Science from Maharishi University of Management, during which he became fascinated with the Ramayana. He has spent the last 28 years creating numerous productions of the great epic, including theatrical productions, a theme park, and the first complete audio production of the unabridged Ramayana of Valmiki. At 75 hours long, this production is the world's longest audiobook. Mr. Sternfeld has also published many articles and regularly speaks on the Ramayana at universities and in executive leadership settings across the country. In addition to publishing the complete audio Ramayana, he has also published numerous other audiobooks, including: Ram's Dharma: Leadership Secrets of the Ultimate Warrior~Sage~Prince and All Love Flows to the Self: Eternal Stories from the Upanishads.

Michael has been practicing meditation regularly for over 45 years and currently lives in Fairfield, Iowa, where he works as a producer for the David Lynch Foundation.

Guest Faculty

Gauri Sagar (Session 2) is a member of the illustrious Sagar family, creators of the epic Ramayana video series from India. She's also a world-class artist, photographer, and social entrepreneur dedicated to saving our world's oceans.

Connie Huebner (Session 4) is an ordained minister who founded the Divine Mother church, a church that honors the Divine Mother in all spiritual traditions. Her most recent book, Divine Mother Healing, explores a system of vibrational healing that inspires people to heal themselves and others.

Harri Aalto (session 5) is a visionary artist and author who has had profound experiences of higher states of consciousness since he was a child growing up in Finland. Grounded in business and commercial art, he also runs a custom design marble inlay company with his wife Cathy in Fairfield, Iowa.

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What course participants are saying...

This course is a great opportunity to begin learning the Ramayana and applying its teachings in your own life. If there is one thing I value about this course is the simple way in which Michael delivers the message and makes it available for you to enliven it in your daily life. --Estefania Diaz, Mexico

The Ramayana is not just a story of the incarnation of Vishnu, but is the story of ourselves on how to enliven the presence of Ram in our lives and heart. As a Hindu living in Suriname (South-America), that was new for me. The course is truly a guidebook for spiritual development. Gratitude for presenting the course, Ram Ram. --Kenneth Jharap, Paramaribo, Suriname

This course transformed my perspective on LOVE and LIFE. On how to see the beauty in everything, how to use our adversities for our growth and transformation. Real meaning of DHARMA and the essence of RAMA and how to hold him in my own HEART. I feel truly blessed for attending the course... --Kiruthika Padmanabhan, Tamil Nadu, India

I enjoyed Michael as a course facilitator. He compares with the best wisdom teachers I have experienced. Very well organized, clear delivery of material and tremendously well prepared. --M. Westfield, California, USA

[This course] deepened my understanding of the Ramayana and how to apply it to my daily life. I was moved by Michael‘s depth of knowledge and how brightly his love and dedication shines through. --Sybille Palmer, New Mexico, USA

The course on The Ramayana...presented by Michael Sternfeld was beyond my expectations, filled with so much sattvic passion to stir our hearts towards real love of devotion, the love of Rama. --Anna Barton-Hettel, Chicago, Illinois

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