The Ramayana of Valmiki Audio Sampler

For your listening enjoyment, we have included two sets of audio samples – short excerpts and full-length scenes. The first group of audio samples is short excerpts designed to give you an initial flavor of the production. You will be able to experience and evaluate the audio quality of the production.

The second group of audio samples feature full-length scenes, which will allow you to settle in and appreciate the richness and depth of the Ramayana itself.

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Short Excerpts

Volume I – Read by Richard Ross

The Beginning (2:40)

The first seven verses of the Valmiki Ramayana in which the author, Valmiki, sets the stage by asking the great sage, Narada, "Who is the perfect hero?"

[Bala Kanda – 1.1]

Volume III – Read by Michael Sternfeld

The Rulership of Rama -- Rama Raj (2:19)

This famous section describes Ram Raj – the ideal rulership of Ram. During Ram’s long and peaceful reign, great abundance and fullness of life blessed the earth and all its inhabitants. This possibility is still an inspiration today.

[Yuddha Kanda – 6.131]

Full Length Scenes

Volume III – Yuddha Kanda – Canto 107

Hymn to the Sun

The battle between Rama and Ravana went on for days, marveling all the beholders. Despite his power and prowess, Rama was unable to defeat Ravana until the great sage Agasthya visited Rama on the battlefield. Agasthya imparted to Rama the sacred “Aditya Hrdayam” (Heart of the Sun), and with this pure knowledge, Rama gained the invincibility to defeat Ravana. We have included this powerful hymn here in its entirety.

Volume III – Yuddha Kanda – Canto 131

Triumphant Return

Rama returns triumphantly home from Ayodhya--home to the full acknowledgement of the wholeness of his Being. After all the challenges of the journey, this grand completion allows us to rejoice with the citizenry of Rama's realm (at least until new challenges arise in the final book--Uttara Kanda). This scene concludes with a description of the benefits and blessings from listening to the Ramayana.