What people are saying about the Ramayana Audio

This Ramayana production combines the inner bliss of Vedic literature with the outer richness of delightfully profound story telling . . . a 'must listen!'

~ Allen Reminick

The Ramayana is one of humanity's greatest stories and spiritual symbols, and is known for its great healing and transformative powers for both mind and heart. All students of Vedic knowledge should familiarize themselves with this great multi-level teaching. This audio version of the Ramayana is an excellent English rendition of the Sanskrit classic, which makes it easily accessible for people today with their hectic lifestyles. I recommend it to everyone who wants to approach this vast work and is looking for an easy point of entry.

~ Dr. David Frawley, renowned Vedic scholar and author of Yoga & Ayurveda and Astrology of the Seers

I have intense appreciation for these tapes... they're great, inspiring and it's so good to be reminded of virtue and valor. I wish every person could listen to these tapes and be filled with spiritual inspiration as I have.

~Gary Todt, real estate developer, North Carolina

This audio edition of the Ramayana provides the English-speaking audience the opportunity to hear one of India's two great epics in a manner closer to that of its original audiences in ancient India....The epic was composed to be heard and now English speakers can enjoy this great masterpiece of world literature in a more authentic form.

~ Peter Scharf, Dept. of Classics, Brown University

The Ramayana is an amazing insight in leadership and daily living... and it's fun to listen to. A fantastic piece of literature, I wish everyone could experience it as I have.

~ E.C., 16 year-old high school student, Denver

I want to tell you how much I've enjoyed the Ramayana...a great companion in my travels. Wonderful! And the reading is really excellent

~ Timmy Abell, award-winning storyteller, North Carolina

It's wonderful to know that the English-speaking world is being given an opportunity to hear one of the world's greatest sacred stories in unabridged form. Every human virtue, vice, challenge and weakness is addressed in the Ramayana. Every hope, fear and regret; every prayer, blessing and curse. The listener who gives these tapes a full hearing has the profound opportunity to see his life in a fresh way, and make a more informed decision to devote his life to the highest principles and practices of humanity.

~ Bo Lozof, Director, Human Kindness Foundation.

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