"The story of Rama, which touches on the delights of love and expounds on the fruits of Dharma, is rich with gems like the ocean and ravishes all hearts and ears."

-- Ramayana

Welcome to the world of Vedic Audio Knowledge (VAK)!

Our mission is to create audio productions of sacred Vedic literature.

We like to say, “The Ramayana was meant to be heard” for two important reasons:

1. It’s your destiny to listen to this sublime epic story that will thrill your heart and touch your soul.

2. We know it’s more powerful to listen to these stories as they were originally intended--as a lively oral tradition.


(Accompanying artwork -- Sage Valmiki, Author of the Ramayana.)

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The Ramayana Runs Deep

There are so many layers and levels of the Ramayana. First, it is a historical account of ancient truth. Also, if you love great adventure, the Ramayana was the first heroic quest. For lovers of Dharma, the Ramayana is a textbook for refining and expanding our own sense of Dharma. Moving deeper, it is the most sacred of stories, chronicling the life of a divine man who came to Earth to purify world consciousness.

At its deepest level, we find the impulses of the Ramayana are actually structures of our own consciousness, our own Self. All the characters of the Ramayana are aspects of our own nature, playing out all its possibilities and tendencies. The vanquishing of ignorance and the re-establishment of Rama’s wholeness are really our own “inner drama” within our own Self.

We sincerely hope you find this Ramayana-inspired “Blossoming of Totality” nourishes the light of life inside your very own Self.

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A personal note from Michael Sternfeld -- the Producer and Director

Seven years in the making, this audio production is now complete. Never did we imagine that this project would take so long to finish, but we also did not imagine the extraordinary richness, power and depth that would unfold within us during the retelling of Rama’s sublime drama.

I’ve never been satisfied with the ordinary and mundane. Life with mythic power and depth is what I’m looking for. The Ramayana brings me to this level. As we recorded the Ramayana, my own life began to parallel its unfolding story. All its knowledge, power and bliss began to spill over into my life. I felt as if I was fully living the life I was meant to live.

This is no lightweight fairy tale. As you listen, you enter into an extraordinary and sacred mythic realm. Get ready for a great adventure. I promise your life will be enriched and transformed forever.

"The Ramayana is one of humanity's greatest stories and spiritual symbols, and is known for its great healing and transformative powers for both mind and heart. All students of Vedic knowledge should familiarize themselves with this great multi-level teaching. This audio version of the Ramayana is an excellent English rendition of the Sanskrit classic, which makes it easily accessible for people today with their hectic lifestyles. I recommend it to everyone who wants to approach this vast work and is looking for an easy point of entry."

Dr. David Frawley, renowned Vedic scholar and author of Yoga & Ayurveda and Astrology of the Seers

The Beneficial Qualities of Listening to the Ramayana

The immediate value from listening to the Ramayana is the knowledge, bliss, and power that this sacred story inspires. But specific benefits from listening to the Ramayana have been extolled by sages throughout the ages. The Puranas describe how listening to specific sections of the Ramayana actually helps the listener to develop specific qualities or solve life challenges.

Kishkinda Kanda (book) is reported to enliven the deepest levels of friendship in one's life and cultivate fruitful alliances. Sundara Kanda is known to restore faith, even under the most challenging circumstances. To enhance marital relations, you can read the chapter on the marriage of Ram and Sita. To attain wisdom, read the final book of the Ramayana -- Uttara Kanda.

As Ram proclaims at the end of the Ramayana, "Whoever chants my name and reads my story will receive my blessings and all his wishes will be fulfilled on earth... Wherever the Ramayana is sung, I shall dwell there, and whoever chants my name, in his heart I shall live."